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Aug 25th

Alternating tread stair come in many forms, ranging from a rich decoration in a way to go from one level to another in a house. Wooden steps provide a safe place to walk when climbing from one floor to another. Installation of wooden steps offers many design possibilities, including stains, paint, tile floor or carpet on the tread. The most important part of the installation of the tread is following the laws and regulations relating to safety. Guidelines prescribe the depth of the drawing and the specific width. Follow your local guidelines closely to ensure safe passage on the ladder.

Measure the distance from the skirt plate, the wall or edge of the stair stringer to the opposite skirt table, wall or stringer edge of the ladder to determine the width of the tread. Measure the distance from the elevator to the front of the next riser to determine the depth of the drawing. A skirt board is the wood that is placed next to the ladder, which is attached to the stringer. The elevator is the support frame on the side of a staircase. The elevator covers the vertical space between the rungs.

Cut a 2 by 12-inch board to the exact width measurements with a circular saw or use prefabricated steps that have already been cut to size. Cut the depth to measure 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches larger than the original measurement to allow a nosing. If you are cutting treads, use wood with the grain running along the width. Do not try to fit two pieces of wood together to form a tread.

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