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June 3, 2019 Ktchen Lighting

Best Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen lighting ideas – light lighting can create the illusion of extra space. As you are planning an lighting scheme, examine ways you can use walls, ceiling and cabinets to create an interesting and useful light pattern in space. Look for light that will serve a dual purpose like lighting and decoration to make the most of the space.

For the display cabinet, add the cabinet light to provide a glowing, unexpected brightness to your kitchen. Depending on the location and style of your cabinets, you can install kitchen lighting ideas on the lower shelf or place them on the top of the cabinet to pull the eye upwards. In-cabinet lighting is particularly effective for creating a glow behind mated glass panels and also makes the most of glass and the reflective surfaces in the clear-front cabinets.

Best small kitchen lighting ideas with gallery lighting. For a modern, dramatic touch to your kitchen, you can use gallery lighting. Install small spotlights on the top of the wall, and adjust them so they point down to highlight a work of art. You can also use spotlights on a bar wall to create shapes with light and shadow, or position one in a corner to remove dark spaces that can shrink the perceived size of the kitchen.

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