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May 8, 2019 Landscape Lighting

Big Advantages Low Voltage Landscape Lights

Low voltage landscape lights systems have several advantages. Most importantly, low-voltage garden lighting equipment is easier to install. Another advantage of low voltage wiring is lightweight and can be placed on ground or buried just below surface. Once installed, 120 volt systems are relatively permanent, while outdoor landscape low voltage lighting fixtures can be relocated if you want to change lighting scheme. Another advantage of low voltage lighting equipment is that it can be relatively cheap.

Another low voltage landscape lights alternative to explore is fiber optic lighting. In fiber optic optics individual strands of crystal light ultra pure conduct from remote sources. Metro coated plastic fiber optic cables are very flexible in establishment, as they can be molded into concrete walkways or walls. These types are versatile as fiber optic accessories can be placed anywhere. Since there is no electricity or heat is transmitted through these cables, fiber optic lighting is ideal as it provides maximum protection against fire and accidents.

One of shortcomings of low voltage landscape lights is lower light output. Low voltage lighting of transformer that feeds system must be of a size to match combined power of lamps used. Another drawback with low voltage wiring is that cables are not buried deeply and are more prone to damage and requires constant supervision to avoid possibility of any accident, however, if one goes for fiber optic lighting or landscape of Solar energy lighting such disadvantages can be completely eliminated.

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