Good Idea Outdoor Counter Height Bar Stools

May 20th

The standard outdoor counter height bar stools are 42 inches tall, which is 3 inches lower than its 45-inch bar. Therefore, most standard bar stools are constructed for the 42-inch tall bar, and have a seat height between 26 and 28 inches from the floor. Therefore, raising this height by 3 inches to at least 29 inches and no more than 31 inches correctly fits your guests into the bar, with plenty of leg room and easy access to your drinks or food.

Moving up or down the outdoor counter height bar stools for your 45-inch high bar is another way to customize the bar. You can adjust the height to account for the different sizes of the legs and the torso. Making each deposition individually adapted to all the members of your family. Or, make the feces all the same size, if you own a public bar. The use of average stool height as a guide will ensure most people are comfortable, since these averages are based on the average height of today’s adults. You can also consider adding a few lower and higher stools to suit different customers entering the bar.

In order to add stool to a 45-inch high bar, you may have to buy custom made benches. This incurs more expenses in most cases, but the end result will be with stools that seat guests very comfortably in their bar. Another option is to buy high stools built with seat heights of 31 inches or more. Many bar stool retailers and even some large stores have and stock on these items regularly. Adjustable outdoor counter height bar stools will add more comfort and ease of use to the bar.

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