How to Install LED Track Lighting

Aug 1st

LED track lighting can be installed with a suspended ceiling by using an independent support clip that has a threaded bolt for the nut. The suspended ceiling is supported from the ceiling by the independent support clip and the track lighting is then fixed by the nut. This will allow the installation of track lighting for a false ceiling that is already installed. You can install track lighting on a false ceiling by first determining the length of track lighting necessary.

Turn off the camera to the room where you have to install the LED track lighting. Turn off the power by turning off the switch on the circuit board. Remove all tiles from the roof of the false ceiling structure and determine where on the roof the track lighting will be installed. Look for the wire support that holds and secures the false ceiling frame.

Remove one of the cables in the frame section, and then insert an independent support clip into the frame. Remove the wire for the independent support clip to support the frame. Repeat this step for each row in which you want to run track lighting. Connect the electrical cable for the LED track lighting adapter to the junction box. Twist the white wires together and place a conductor cover on the wires.

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