How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Mar 15th

How to paint kitchen cabinets can be an easy thing to accomplish if you know each details and it is recommended to take time in order to get the finest result. Kitchen cabinet is the most expensive furniture so it has to be wise in choosing the right one in order to be optimal in creating beautiful kitchen with cabinets. When it comes to choosing cabinets for modern kitchen, there are widely available different options to choose from in paint color and material according to sense of style and requirement. If you have modern kitchen design and want to significantly enhance its modern appearance, then choosing modern design of cabinets will be very crucial task to do in order to accomplish such issue. If you want to create such beautiful cabinets for kitchen with paint color as you desire, then you can simply do the painting by yourself. How to paint kitchen cabinets is actually easy to do with a great result and as references, here are steps which you can follow as guidance in order to get the finest result as you desire.

How to Paint Kitchen CabinetsHow to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The very step in painting kitchen cabinets is cleaning it first of all before doing any other things. You can remove the cabinets’ doors and drawers so there will be no sticking things such as food, grease, fingertips, mark, grime or others which can be such awful thing to see as blemish when the cabinet painting is done. Sanding the cabinets is a must and you can use fine grit sandpaper on all of kitchen cabinet surfaces softly including the doors and box faces as well. The sanding will make sure that primer holds well to make it done with great result. In order to avoid any peeling or chipping while also to make the paint stick strong on the cabinet surfaces, priming process will be wonderful to do since it is definitely as an important step to be well accomplished. The priming process will also wonderful in preventing the cabinets from bleeding. If you want to use oil based paint, then applying the same oil based primer will be wonderful, meanwhile you can use primer with shellac if you plan to use latex paint. It is highly recommended to do the primer in well ventilated area since of it strong scents which can be very awful to health. The last but not least in the project of kitchen cabinet painting, you can choose what color to paint kitchen cabinets as desire and require according to sense of style and requirement in the effort to create kitchen focal point.

Kitchen Cabinets PaintingKitchen Cabinets Painting

Painting Kitchen CabinetsPainting Kitchen Cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets is actually easy and simple to do in the effort to create kitchen focal point as desire and require.

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