How to Place LED String Lights

Jul 31st

LED string lights – The LED strips are a lighting system used, above all, in works with decorative purposes. Normally they are sold in kit and include everything necessary for their placement, although it is very simple, we will learn to perform correctly. The LED strips kits are sold by the meter and include the power supply, the controller and some pieces of junction in case we need to make cuts.

The first thing we have to do is decide the location of the strips and mark it with a pen. We place the strip on top and fix, provisionally, the strip with masking tape. If we need to join the different strips of LED string lights together, we have to use the splice pieces included in the kit (make sure before buying that these pieces contain) and if we need to make cuts do them only for the marked points.

Check that everything works fine. So, once placed, and as we are cleaning the surface, remove the protective paper and stick the strip to the chosen surface. The next step is to place the transformer and fix it with its corresponding coach screws. Also, we can hold the cables using adhesive putty. We already have placed our LED string lights.

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