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May 18, 2019 Stair Treads

Ideas for Install Stair Tread Carpet

Ideas for install stair tread carpet – cut a nibless strip for each tread of the stairs you want the carpet. Cut nub strips one inch shorter than the width of each step or slightly shorter than the width of the mat you will put on your stairs. Attach the nibless strips each step about half past the point where each tread meets each tribe. Using a matt knife, cut the carpet padding. They should hang about two inches above the nose of each step. Place a mat pad on each step and staple down safely.

Attach the runner to the stairs that starts at the bottom of the stairs and work upwards. Start by aligning the perfect square end of the carpet runner with the lower edge of the first level where it meets the floor. Use the stapler to staple stair runners to the ladder as close to the floor as possible, stapling every other inch. Pull the mat firmly and tighten just below the edge of the nose.

Using the carpet, pull the mat tightly over the first step and hook the carpet to the nibble strip near the ladder for the first step. Make sure you have straightened the carpet. When you’re satisfied, use the stapler to staple the carpet to the staircase right at the transition between the tread and the riser. Pull the mat firmly and tighten under the nose of the next tread and then continue the process to the top of the stairs.

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