Installing Flush Ceiling Lights

May 24th

Flush ceiling lights – Installing new ceiling luminaires in your home has many advantages. Many of the newer luminaires are energy efficient. A new look can be something you go for. Perhaps your room needs more light. Department and hardware stores offer a variety of lighting options. Many homeowners want to update the look of their home. Modernizing a home will increase the value of second hand. Installing a new ceiling light is relatively easy.


Find out the flush ceiling lights that are in need of replacement. Turn off the main switch to the light. For extra safety, turn off the switch from the main circuit box. Remove existing screws from the light around the base. Take the world of light. Throughout the world on the main cover of the light, there are two screws. Loosen the screws halfway; do not completely remove the screws. Turn the main fixture counterclockwise and pull down the fixture carefully. The wires will show when the fixture is independent.

Remove wire nuts from the wires. Use the electrical tester to test the black cable (hot wire). Make sure there is no power to the wire. An electrical tester can be found on many hardware stores. Follow the light game order instructions for candles you bought. Connect the black cable (hot wires) to the black cable hanging from the flush ceiling lights. Cross the black threads in a cross-section. Turn the threads in a clockwise formation until both wires tightly wound together. Replace wire nut included with new fixture. For the white threads (neutral threads) and green threads (earth cables) follow the same steps.

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