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May 9, 2019 LED Lighting

Installing LED Rope Light

LED rope light is a newer way of giving light to different places, such as under a kitchen cabinet. This type of light is typically more energy efficient than a normal bulb. Depending on how your cabinet is built, the lamps are designed to have a low profile so that they cannot be seen under the cabinet. Installing LEDs can be done by first determining where to place LED light mounting.


Select the location of LED rope light so that you know where the electrical wiring must be located. Find a location for the electrical source for LEDs. Locate a circuit that will be used for LED lighting on your home intersection or circuit box.

Turn off the circuit that will be used for LED rope light. Connect the electrical cable from the lighting source to LED lighting. See the LED lighting instructions to properly connect the electrical wiring. Connect earth cables from the electrical source for LED lights to the connector box. Switch on the circuit from the connector box and test the lighting by turning the light switch to “on”.

Tips and warnings

You can use an existing power outlet for a phone jack to install a switch box. Install a dimmer to control the amount of light you need. The electrical cable from the junction box is usually tired through a wall using a rigid thread, called a fish tape. Hear an electrician if you need help installing electrical wiring for your LED lights. All power should be turned off before any electrical work. Improperly connecting the electric wire can create a short or damaged light source.

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