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May 9, 2019 LED Lighting

Led Christmas Lights New Option Decoration

Led Christmas Lights – LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology is a different type of lighting than traditional halogen bulbs: they are more resistant, last longer, have a more powerful and less dispersed light flow, do not require toxic substances such as mercury, do not transmit heat and they can be placed even in the most complicated and difficult places. Therefore, we recommend that you choose this option to decorate your house on Christmas Eve.

A luminous thread that is placed on top of the Bethlehem, behind the portal of the Child Jesus or that is placed around a Christmas tree will be ideal. To begin with, you will not reheat the branches or figurines, because as we have pointed out before, they do not release heat. In this way, they become the perfect choice to shed light on objects that are more delicate and more sensitive. Other places that are also adorned with small and striking points of led christmas lights are the frame of the fireplace, for example.

In fact, it is also an option to put small led christmas lights in the chimney hole instead of burning wood. Another perfect place, are the window frames and those of the outer doors surrounding Christmas wreaths. Hanging lights or small LED lamps in the bar of the curtains and let them fall to the sides is another good and original idea.

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