LED Navigation Lights on a Boat

Jul 31st

Led navigation lights – Boating is a very popular activity. For legal reasons, many boats must have the correct lighting system. This allows other boats to see clearly, which helps you avoid accidents. You can buy navigation lights from electronics stores. Consult the ship’s manual to determine the correct type of lights. The installation of the lights is a fairly simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. Do not travel to the sea at night until the lights are correctly positioned.

Ideas for install led navigation lights on a boat. Drill two 1/32 inch holes on the side of two side markers and two arc lights, using a portable drill. Drill a 3/32 inch hole in which you want each of your position lights to be. This will allow you to feed the cables under the rail. Run thread under the rail, Attach mounting clips to the rail at three-foot intervals. Place the cable in the mounting clips to secure it in place. Lay the cable along the port side under the rail. Pass the red light loop wires in the middle of the boat and the wires for the green light bow to the starboard side.

Strip both negative and positive wires and attach them together. Solder them together using a soldering iron, and wrap them in insulating tape. Connect the circuit to the last light and connect the battery terminal located at the stern of the ends of the free cables. Start the engine to test the led navigation lights before fixing the circuit in place to make sure they are working properly.

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