Pale Lavender and Light Blue Bedroom

Aug 24th

Pale lavender and light blue bedroom color ideas, make lavender your primary color and the theme of the interior design by painting all your walls and even in the ceiling, if you like in the same lavender nuance. Hang floating glass shells on the walls to keep open, airy feel, then add light blue sheer curtains for the windows. Place glass vases with twigs of lavender plants, fresh or dried, on the shelves and tie a matching blue ribbon around the neck of each vase. The lavender plants add a soothing sent to the room that suits the decor and helps you relax for sleep. If you want to add more blue, add it through bedding and painted furniture, but keep the lavender walls. Paint any trim bright white or a soft gray.

Create a modern look with a neutral earth tone on two of your room connecting walls something in the khaki area works best then paint a remaining wall of pale lavender and the other light blue. The neutral tone connecting walls creates a big corner for your bed, which should have accents of blue and lavender in bedding. Choose bright wood or bamboo floors and white furniture to complete this look. Natural fibers work well in blankets and curtains, and natural color lampshades with light blue bases can complete the look of your light blue bedroom.

Paint comes in a variety of light blue shades. Choose one on the paler end of turquoise or aquamarine range. These shades have a bit of yellow in them for warmth, making them good for light blue bedroom without a lot of natural light and helping balance pale lavender. Try painting the three walls of your room in pale turquoise, then use soft lavender for the wall where the bed of your bed will rest.

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