Recessed Ceiling Lights Installation

Aug 26th

Recessed ceiling lights – To installing recessed ceiling lights, starting with calculate the power used by the current fixture that is installed. For example, if the current light uses a combined is 400 watts, four fixtures using 100 watts are the ideal setup for the lowered light installation. Second, make sure power is turned off before you start any kind of work by switching on the light switch. The lights do not come if the circuit has been properly switched off.

Drill a hole that is 1/4 inch in diameter where you plan to open the recessed ceiling lights. And place a straightened rack through the hole to check for anything above can prevent the area you are working with. Obstacles can be visually controlled if you have a spine upstairs. Fourth, saw an opening in the ceiling. Make sure that the opening matches the size of the light cans for your sunken lighting. Fifth, pull the power source cable so that 18 inches of cable comes out of the ceiling. Sixth, drill holes through streams if the area above the ceiling is finished.

Place the wires through the holes you drilled in the design. Seventh, connect wires to the recessed light stand, using wire pliers. Connect each light with the next, using cables until all the recessed ceiling lights are connected. Eight, cap each connection, using a wire plug. Wires should be group along with like wires: three black, three white and three ground wires. Last, put cans in the ceiling and mount them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Trim pieces when you need to. Turn on the bulbs to complete the look. The recessed ceiling light installation is complete.

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