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May 24, 2019 Ktchen Lighting

Simple Installing Kitchen Lighting Flush Mount

How to install kitchen lighting flush mount? In the first place, the holes where the light points will be housed should be marked with the drill and the cable layout established. The appropriate option to do it is to guide it behind the furniture. Then the required channel is cut with a hacksaw for metals and glued with adhesive mounting between the holes made in the cabinet. The shelves are placed provisionally before their final location and marked with a pencil on the back the place through which the gutter will pass.

To install kitchen lighting flush mount, the outline of this one is drawn on the shelf, two centimeters of depth are added, holes are drilled in the inner zone of the corners of this contour and the boxes are cut (area through which the cable passes) with a keyhole saw. With the same mounting adhesive, the rest of the gutter sections are glued, which will extend to the connection closest to a socket.

Finally, the kitchen lighting flush mount are connected in parallel (arranged so that each of them is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole of the network). To do this, take advantage of the boxes of the lamps and introduce terminals (electrical connectors in which a cable is imprisoned against a metal piece by using a screw) from which the derivations are removed to connect them until the last, that connects directly.

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