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June 6, 2019 Ktchen Lighting

Some Types Led Kitchen Lighting Installed

Led Kitchen Lighting – In the kitchen, it is recommended to have a general lighting level of 300 lux and in the area of the countertop intended for cutting and handling/preparation of meals 500-600 lux. It is the most usual lighting in kitchens and in many cases the most successful. The element used by excellence is the DOWNLIGHT LED, which will provide us with a generic lighting of our stay.

The downlights are ultra-thin led kitchen lighting plates recessed into the ceiling, just 1 cm thick, with different shapes (square and round), different nominal power (6W, 12W and 18W) and different types of light (cold light, natural and warm). For the area of the table, bar or island if we have it we can complement in these areas the general lighting of our kitchen, including light sources to give even greater luminosity a warmer light source, by hanging lamps with LED bulbs.

Lighting the kitchen furniture and countertop can also be useful and functional, a decoration option very demanded by our customers and that brings a modern and minimalist touch to their kitchens. It is used to illuminate work areas or areas that need more light. Normally the led kitchen lighting strips are the best option for these points because they do not heat up like incandescent, there is the facility to hide the cables so that they are hidden from view and direct the light downwards so that it illuminates the surface directly.

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