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Aug 5th

Correct measurements are important for the successful installation of fiberboard in a stair elevator chair lift. Measuring the length of the stairwell, as well as the distance between the roof and each step, helps you determine how many panels you need to complete the project. You also need to measure the rise and run of each individual step – that is, the depth of each step and the distance between the top of each level and the next step.

Avoid assuming that all measures have the same measure, especially if you install fiber boards in an older home. If the ceiling above the stair elevator lift slopes draws a horizontal line 6 inches out of the ceiling, then place the bottom of a gradient along the ceiling to determine the angle of the slope. Also measure the position of the bolts that hold the rail to the wall, as well as the diameter of the bolt axes.

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Before cutting the fiber slabs for the stair elevator, you must determine the location of the slats behind the walls on both sides of the stairwell. The panels should be nailed to the bolts to prevent them from getting loose. An electronic control detector can help you quickly and easily find the rules. Turn the stud finder and make a mark near the ceiling and the stairs at each place where the control detector is piping. Snap a chalk line between each set of brands.

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