To Hide a Kitchen Bar Cabinet

May 23rd

A barrier gives an atmosphere of hospitality, but cannot suit all uses of the room. Meanwhile, to hide a kitchen bar cabinet closet, starting with stand back from Barbados and see it from different viewing angles in the room. Assess how much of what you want to hide. Second, extend a tape measure from one end to the opposite end along the shelf. Measure twice for an accurate width measurement.

Extend a tape measure from floor to top point in the area you want to hide. For example, if there is a glass rack over the barrage and you want to conceal that as well, extend the tape measure to the top of the glass rack. Alternative measure to the top of the kitchen bar cabinet itself. Measure twice and record the measurements in height and width measurement from step 2.

Select a folding room screen at the desired height. Buy a screen of at least one foot wider than the area to be screened. Folding screens need to have their panels partly folded to stand safely. If necessary buy two matching folding screens to completely hide the barrier. Centers fold the screen or screens in front of the kitchen bar cabinet. Fold up folding screen or pull it to one side to use bar cabinet.

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