Tractor Seat Bar Stools Recycling Material

May 19th

Tractor Seat Bar Stools – Recycling trash and various materials is an environmentally friendly way to help reduce pollutants in the environment. A scrap piece like an old tractor seat could be use to be part of a new stool you can use every day. Any old seat find in your garage or local garbage store (such as a lawn mower seat) is ideal for this project and could be build at a relatively low cost. Place the piece of drawing paper on a table and place the tractor seat on top of the paper.

Draw the shape of the tractor seat bar stools on the paper. With a pencil. Do not worry about making a clean trace. A general overview of the shape of the tractor seat is all you need. Some tractor seats may have raised backsides. Mark where the seat is touching the paper. Cut the paper and follow the trace, using scissors. Place the paper at the bottom of the tractor seat and check for a good fit.

Cut accordingly for the proper tractor seat bar stools shape. Place the paper on the wooden board and trace the outline of the paper with a pencil. Cut the wooden board, using a saw or any other favorite power tool to cut the wood. Smooth rough edges with sandpaper when needed. Place the wooden board at the bottom of the tractor chair and check the fit and proper level.

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