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May 28, 2019 Ceiling Lighting

Twin Flush Mount Ceiling Light Installing

Flush Mount Ceiling Light – Recessed mounting lights connect to a brace on the ceiling. The clamp has the light flush with the ceiling instead of the light hanging down. To illuminate completely some areas of the house, a light flush mount is not enough. Wiring dual-chain mounting lights together so that they work in a single switch will provide more light to the room without having to add additional wiring, which can be long and costly. Turn off electricity to the room from the fuse box in your house.

The braking box usually has switches for each part of the house. In general, the fuse box will have a list of room or naming zone for each switch in the house. Remove the mounting screw from the center of the flush mount ceiling light and lower the ceiling light to expose the wiring. Remove the cover of your light switch. Feed a Romex 14-2 or 12-2 cable from the power supply to your light switch.

14-2 is used for 15 amplifier circuits and 12-2 is used for 20 amp circuits. Feed a second Romex cable through the wall of the light switch to its first flush mount ceiling light. Feed the third wire from the first light to the second light. 1/4 inch pulls A from the end of the black Romex cable into the light switch. Loosen the copper screw on the side of the switch.

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