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May 23, 2019 Bedroom Lighting

Vanity Mirror With Lights For Bedroom Like Professional

Vanity Mirror With Lights For Bedroom – Makeup artists often work in front of mirrors with lights mounted on their sides. This allows them to see the actor’s face in an appropriate way, making the application of makeup easier. You can create your own makeup mirror like the ones in Hollywood at home with some objects from the local hardware store.

This vanity mirror with lights for bedroom does not require advanced knowledge of electrical wiring and you will not have to disassemble your wall to give it energy. Paint two coats of sealer on the front and edges of a veneer sheet of 28 by 34 by 3/4 inch (70 by 85 by 1.8 cm). Let each layer dry completely before adding the next one. Paint two coats of sealer on two pieces of wood 2 by 2 by 32 inches (5 by 5 by 80 cm). You just have to cover the top, the base, and one side.

Paint the pieces of wood with two layers of paint of the desired color for the background of your vanity mirror with lights for bedroom. Place the veneer on a table and place the mirror 18 by 30 inches (45 by 75 cm) on it. The mirror should be centered between the left and right sides and one inch (2.5 cm) below the top. Gently trace the outline of the mirror with a pencil and then leave the mirror aside. Place six keyless sockets on the veneer, three on each side of the mirror.

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