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Aug 24th

The regulations and legislation, the different types, the characteristics … We tell you everything you need to know about the led trailer lights of your caravan trailer. Traveling in caravan with the whole family is very fun. Great moments are stored in the memories of each one of you. However, this is possible thanks to the previous preparation of the vehicle and the mobile home to be able to travel by road until reaching the destination campsite. Among these responsibilities are, obviously, the lights of the trailer.

The rear area, the position, the braking lights, the lighting for the license plate … When we talk about led trailer lights, there are few types that we can find . In that line, it is advisable that, if you have a caravan, you know what each of them is and what they are for, very useful information, especially when it comes to consulting the specific regulations and, of course, putting it into practice.

Clearance led trailer lights: They are used to mark the width and height of the trailer. Regarding their physical characteristics, they are white when they are located in the front and red ones are placed in the rear area of ​​the caravan. They are located in the upper corners of the vehicle and, for certain measures, their use is mandatory.

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