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May 9, 2019 LED Lighting

Very Simple Led Light Bulbs

Today I will talk about the characteristics and differences contained in the different led light bulbs. The main differences that we can find among halogens are very simple. On the one hand, we have a type of light bulbs such as the MR16 that have two pins, a transformer and are powered at 12 volts. The GU10 bulbs, unlike the previous ones, do not have a transformer; they are fed directly from the grid and with a bulb that works at 220 volts.

In this first example, as you can see, it is a model that consists of three led light bulbs whose total consumption is 6 watts. In addition, it has an opening angle of 45 degrees. This second product, you will observe that the angle is more closed. Sometimes, you choose a series of bulbs that are not the most appropriate causing a lot of shadows on the wall.

Finally, this led light bulbs is characterized by having a consumption of 9 watts whose opening is much closed, that is, the light exposure is focused on a specific point. You have to take into account the thickness of the material with which the bulb is made. It has a very large ventilation system so depending on its consistency, it will cost you more to attach them to the support; in no time you have to force the bulb.

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